A major milestone for PopDev

After 26 years serving as PopDev’s Director, Betsy Hartmann is now turning over the reins to Anne Hendrixson

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Beyond Bonus or Bomb: upholding the sexual and reproductive health of young people

Bring your lunch and join us for this discussion with the Population and Development Program’s director Anne Hendrixson. Described as a blessing or a curse, a bonus or a bomb, the population boom of young people in the global South is thought to be the catalyst of present and future social change on a massive scale. But numbers-based theories oversimplify the lived experiences of young people, reinforce gender binaries, and restrict sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people. Youth-friendly, inclusive services must build from young people’s visions and diverse realities.

New Issue!

In spring 2000, PopDev published the second article in the DifferenTakes series, called “Cracking Open CRACK”. It challenged the “crack baby” myth and the organization CRACK (Children Requiring a Caring Kommunity, now Project Prevention), which pays women who use drugs to get sterilized or use long-term contraceptive methods. Oppressive responses l... Read More

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