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Susanne Schultz and Daniel Bendix trace the efforts by the German government, the pharmaceutical company Bayer, the population lobby and the Gates Foundation to promote the hormonal contraceptive implant Jadelle.


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There is a proud history of activist action and cooperation to improve contraceptive safety and champion health and rights as the cornerstone of contraceptive delivery. Contraception is an important tool for women’s health and rights and it should be accessible, safe, and part of general health services, along with abortion, maternal care, and HIV treatment and prevention, and a range of interventions like sexuality education.


Depo-Provera, HIV and the WHO: Forsaking Science for Special Interests?

New commentary from Betsy Hartmann

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It has been over three years since the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning. We are now witnessing its aftermath: targeted family planning projects aimed at 120 million women in the Global South. Some of these projects—like public-private partnerships between high-profile donors, pharmaceutical companies, governments and NGOs—emphasize long-acting... Read More

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