Welcome to PopDev

The Population & Development Program (PopDev) works at the intersection of reproductive freedom,
environmental justice and peace.

For 25 years, we've collaborated to build spaces where movements come together. We create activist tools, publications, and educational resources for organizers, students, policymakers, and journalists.



  • Climate Justice - Blaming environmental problems on overpopulation scapegoats the world's poorest people, who are least responsible for carbon emissions. The richest fifth of the world's people consume 66 times more resources than the poorest fifth.
  • Reproductive Freedom - We support access to high quality, safe, and voluntary reproductive health and abortion services. Population control programs have led to unsafe contraception use and forced or coercive sterilization within vulnerable communities.
  • Social Justice - People go hungry because they don't have land to grow food or money to buy it, not because world agriculture can't produce enough. Demography shows that the era of rapid population growth is over: birthrates have fallen in almost every country.



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