New DifferenTakes!

Read Jessa Orluk's take on visionary food justice.

Jessa is the former PopDev Environmental and Reproductive Justice Fellow (2014-15) and a current student at Vermont Law School.


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Population in Perspective

Does population growth cause hunger?
Are people hungry because there's not enough food to go around?
Why are so many people going hungry?
Who owns the farm land?
Does increased food production eliminate hunger?
How do trade and agricultural policies impact hunger?
What factors are involved in people's access to food?
How are people organizing to reclaim their human right to food?

New Issue!

Food justice is often conceptualized primarily in anthropocentric terms: the right of all people to access healthy, sustaining food. In this DifferenTakes, Jessa Orluk moves beyond this people-centered vision of food justice. How does food get to our fork? What do these processes mean for social justice? Orluk looks at the importance of worker and... Read More

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