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Babies, Burdens and Threats: Current Faces of Population Control [PDF]

A series of DifferenTakes issue papers, Babies, Burdens and Threats casts a critical eye on the current landscape of population control. It includes articles on topics such as population aging, race and immigration, eugenics and biological determinism, the environment, national security, and a comprehensive overview of why we should rethink and question overpopulation arguments. Please contact us if you would like a hard copy.


Rethinking the Link: A Critical Review of Population-Environment Programs [PDF]

The Population and Development Program at Hampshire College and the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts have recently released a joint study, "Rethinking the Link: A Critical Review of Population-Environment Programs." Written by James Oldham, the study reviews projects that combine efforts to reduce population growth with natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. The paper evaluates the implications of making this link, including consequences for women's health, community empowerment and environmental justice, and offers recommendations for change. It challenges simplistic assumptions about population impacts on the environment that can lead policy makers, donors and project managers into environmentally ineffective and sometimes morally ambiguous projects.

View just the Executive Summary. [PDF]

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